Olegario Diaz “I Remember Chet” (SCCD 31853)

SCCD 31853 Olegario Diaz “I Remember Chet” Venezuela-born pianist/composer Olegario Diaz has since 2011 been presenting handful of quality recordings with firm roots in post-bop. Diaz has also published quite a few books on music and musicians. He produced this album, his 5th release to portray Chet Baker as he might write a book about the great artist. “From Juan Sebastian Bar in Caracas to all the great joints in New York, Los Angeles … and the rest of the jazz world, to great open sky concerts, theatres and festivals, Olegario´s groups always give us ¨Something To Remember¨… good jazz! …” (John N. De Souza – Jazz Y Algo Más, … Continue reading

Olegario Diaz – Basquiat By Night/Day (SCCD 31774)

SCCD 31774 Oregario Diaz Quintet “Basquiat By Night/Day” Pianist/composer Oregario Diaz, graduate of The Manhattan School of Music with Mater Degree devides his time in his homeland Venezuela and New York performing with his groups. The title song dedicated to the New York-born Haitian pop artist Jean Michel Basquiat reflects Diaz’ deep appreciation of arts. For this his third album Diaz put together a highly cohesive ensemble to paint an attractive collage of joyful music. Ole Nimand of Jazz Special (DK) commented on Diaz’ previous release “The Skyline Session” SCCD 31753, “….The two tunes from Diaz’ own pen confirm again his compositional talent and his melodias and expressive solos steal … Continue reading

Harold Danko – Night Scapes (SCCD 31490)

With his quartet of almost 10 years’ close working relationship, Harold Danko gets the chance to engage his talent both as performer and as composer to the fullest. In this latest album composer Harold Danko invites us into his impressionistic night. “ Harold Danko’s Nightscapes are drawn with insight and beauty and with his own distinctive touch of mystery ….” (Mark Gardner – from the linernotes.) 1. Prologue and episodes (Harold Danko)2. Night space (Harold Danko)3. First dream (Harold Danko)4. The idea loop (Harold Danko)5. Fourth hour (Harold Danko)6. Insomnique (Harold Danko)7. Weightless (Harold Danko)8. Times' irony (Harold Danko) UPC/EAN: 716043149025 … Continue reading

Dave Stryker – All the Way (SCCD 31455)

1. I got rhythm (George Gershwin)2. All the way (Jimmy Van Heusen)3. All or nothing at all (Lawrence/Altman)4. God bless the child (Billie Holiday)5. Dearly beloved (Jerome Kern)6. Brother can you spare a dime (Harburg/Gorney)7. A lazy afternoon (Maross-Latouche)8. The touch of your lips (Ray Noble) UPC/EAN: 716043145522 … Continue reading

Harold Danko – Stable Mates (SCCD 31451)

1. Con alma (Dizzy Gillespie)2. Quietude (Thad Jones)3. Windows (Chick Corea)4. Gingerbread boy (Jimmy Heath)5. Dolphin dance (Herbie Hancock)6. Solar (Miles Davis)7. Seven steps to heaven (Victor Feldman)8. Nostalgia in Times Square (Charles Mingus)9. Line for Lyons (Gerry Mulligan)10. Stablemates (Benny Golson) UPC/EAN: 716043145126 … Continue reading

Harold Danko – Three Of Four (SCCD 31444)

1. Jitterbug waltz (Fats Waller)2. Tintiyana (Dollar Brand)3. Everybody's song but my own (Kenny Wheeler)4. Ruby my dear (Thelonious Monk)5. Turn out the stars (Bill Evans)6. 502 blues (Jimmy Rowles)7. Little Niles (Randy Weston)8. Black fire (Andrew Hill)9. Valse hot (Sonny Rollins)10. Walk on the water (Gerry Mulligan)11. Blue in green (Bill Evans) UPC/EAN: 716043144426 … Continue reading

Steve Slagle – Alto Blue (SCCD 31416)

SCCD 31416 Alto Blue / Steve Slagle Quartet This is the third alto-trumpet quartet recording Steve Slagle has made for SteepleChase and the first one with all the settings in blues. As Steve puts it, “ You know, when you get to the bare bones, what you hit is the blues …”. 1. Blues not to lose (Steve Slagle)2. Hail-Bop (Steve Slagle)3. Full moon (Dave Stryker)4. Jaco time (Steve Slagle)5. Detour ahead (Carter/Ellis/Frigo)6. Peacefully (Steve Slagle)7. Jump Monk (Charles Mingus)8. The midget (Lee Morgan) UPC/EAN: 716043141623 … Continue reading

Harold Danko – Tidal Breeze (SCCD 31411)

SCCD 31411 Tidal Breeze / Harold Danko Quartet The Harold Danko Quartet, during its five year existence, has been carving out its own special niche in the landscape of jazz. Following the highly successful “The Feeling Of Jazz” (SCCD 31392), this their fifth CD explores Danko’s older compositions written before the inception of the group. 1. Tidal breeze (Harold Danko)2. Blue Swedish wildflower (Harold Danko)3. Wayne Shorter (Harold Danko)4. McCoy's passion (Harold Danko)5. Swift shifting (Harold Danko)6. Personal cornucopia (Harold Danko)7. Soaring thru space (Harold Danko)8. Pastoral landing (Harold Danko) UPC/EAN: 716043141128 … Continue reading