Dexter Gordon – Candlelight Lady (SCCD 31785)

SCCD 31785 Dexter Gordon Quartet “Candlelight Lady” Loose Walk the gritty soulfulness of his playing reminds us just how much we miss the greats of his generation. They don't make 'em like this anymore.” 1. The Rainbow People (Dexter Gordon)2. Old Folks (Dedate Hill)3. There Is No Greater Love (Isham Jones)4. Candlelight Lady (Dexter Gordon)5. Sticky Vicket (Dexter Gordon)6. Montmartre (Dexter Gordon) UPC/EAN: 716043178520 … Continue reading

Ernie Wilkins – Montreux (SCCD 31190)

SCCD 31190 Montreux / Ernie Wilkins’ Almost Big Band “… with Wilkins’ skilful arrangements, as demonstrated on the new Montreux album, this group is capable of delivering both the intimate spontaneity of a quartet and the virile power of a juggernaut …” (Doug Roberts, The Patriot Ledger) 1. Hi-fly (Randy Weston)2. Well, you needn't (Thelonious Monk)3. Bird in a world of people (Georgie South/Fame)4. Hurry up and wait (Ernie Wilkins)5. A song for Ben Webster (Ernie Wilkins)6. Bosko's business (Ernie Wilkins) UPC/EAN: 716043119028 … Continue reading

Duke Jordan – Truth (SCCD 31175)

SCCD 31175 Truth / Duke Jordan Trio The late 1970’s were Duke Jordan’s most productive period. Here with his trio from the best seller “Flight To Denmark” (SCCD 31011), Duke Jordan plays Duke Jordan one of the most prolific and superb composers of bop. 1. Lay out blues (Duke Jordan)2. 32nd Street love (Duke Jordan)3. Truth (Duke Jordan)4. There's a star for you (Duke Jordan)5. Misty Thursday (Duke Jordan)6. Hymn to peace (Duke Jordan)7. Lady Linda (Duke Jordan)8. Night train from Snekkersten (Duke Jordan)9. 32nd Street love (take 3) (Duke Jordan)10. Lay out blues (take 1) (Duke Jordan) UPC/EAN: 716043117529 … Continue reading

Duke Jordan – Two Loves (SCCD 31024)

SCCD 31024 Two Loves / Duke Jordan Trio “ Another superb fifty minutes of music making by Jordan from the same sessions that produced Flight To Denmark (SCCD 31011)…thoroughly recommended .” (M.S. Jazz Journal International) “.. . Two Loves is a tonic and a mighty pleasant one at that…is an immensely pleasing record …” (Patrick Sullivan, Radio Free Jazz) 1. Subway inn (Duke Jordan)2. My old flame (Coslaw/Johnston)3. Blue monk (Thelonious Monk)4. Two loves (Duke Jordan)5. No problem (Duke Jordan)6. Glad I met Pat (Duke Jordan)7. Here's that rainy day (Jimmy Van Heusen)8. On Green Dophin Street (Bronislav Kaper)9. Embraceable you (George Gershwin)10. Wait and see (Duke Jordan)11. I'll remember … Continue reading

Duke Jordan – Flight To Denmark (SCCD 31011)

SCCD 31011 Flight To Denmark / Duke Jordan Trio Charlie Parker’s favourite pianist and the composer of the famous “Jordu” Duke Jordan (b. April 1, 1922 in New York) ended his five-year seclusion from the jazz scene when he was invited to play and record in Denmark in 1973. This first recording by Jordan for SteepleChase turned out to be an enormous success which brought Jordan back in the spotlight. The best seller of SteepleChase! “… I am convinced that this is Duke Jordan’s finest record …” (jazz Journal International) “… a totally captivating listening experience …” (Billboard) “ Flight to Denmark is an essential album for anyone who enjoys … Continue reading

Johnny Griffin – Blues For Harvey (SCCD 31004)

SCCD 31004 Blues For Harvey / Johnny Griffin Quartet Live at Jazzhus Montmartre 1973 “… this is a superb Griffin recording in a long time …” (Swing Journal) “ Johnny Griffin in the 1970s remains The Little Giant – a joy to hear and this must be his most representative album in ages …” (Coda) 1. That party upstairs (Johnny Griffin)2. Alone again (Johnny Griffin)3. Sound track blues (Johnny Griffin)4. Theme (Traditional)5. Soft and furry (Johnny Griffin)6. Blues for Harvey (Johnny Griffin)7. Rhythm-a-ning/Theme (Thelonious Monk) UPC/EAN: 716043100422 … Continue reading

Idrees Sulieman – Groovin' (SCCD 31218)

SCCD 31218 Groovin' / Idrees Sulieman, Horace Parlan etc Idrees Sulieman who was one of the first trumpeters to play bop and recorded with a host of jazz giants such as Coleman Hawkins Thelonious Monk, Randy Weston, Mary Lou Williams, Teddy Charles, Gene Ammons, etc. “.. .an enjoyable recording to which all the players contribute worthwhile statements, in particular pianist Horace Parlan…Sulieman’s trumpet should be required listening for anyone with serious interest in bop trumpet …” (Keith Knox, Jazz Forum) 1. Groovin' high (Dizzy Gillespie)2. Tell me what's your name (K. Laursen)3. If I only knew (Idrees Sulieman)4. Late before time (Idrees Sulieman)5. Lipstick (K. Laursen)6. The center of Copenhagen … Continue reading

Howard McGhee – Just Be There (SCCD 31204)

SCCD 31204 Just Be There / Howard McGhee Quintet Howard McGhee (1918-1987) was one of the finest trumpeters of the bop era. This Copenhagen session turned out to be the last recording that the legendary drummer Kenny Clarke participated. “… It’s simply music that is rich, spontaneous and lively .” (André Joly, La Voix Du Nord) 1. Jazz exchange (Howard McGhee)2. You're something else (Howard McGhee)3. Wee dot (Jay Jay Johnson)4. You're something else (Howard McGhee)5. Jazz exchange (Howard McGhee)6. Into it (Howard McGhee)7. Just be there (Howard McGhee) UPC/EAN: 716043120420 … Continue reading

Doug Raney – Guitar – Guitar – Guitar (SCCD 31212)

SCCD 31212 Guitar – Guitar – Guitar / Doug Raney Trio Doug Raney was 18 when he moved to Copenhagen 20 years ago and was already quite mature in his playing though a bit more modern than his famous father Jimmy Raney. This album was made 8 years after his debut album “Introducing Doug Raney” SCCD 31082 showing off the impressive development he has achieved as a musician. Here with his favourite drummer Billy Hart and the master bassman Vinding, Doug Raney created a brilliant yet easy-going, enjoyable set. 1. I thought about you (Jimmy Van Heusen)2. Laura (Johnny Mercer)3. Minor Majority (Doug Raney)4. Round about midnight (Thelonious Monk)5. Come … Continue reading