Andy LaVerne “Shangri-La” (SCCD 31872)

SCCD 31872 Andy LaVerne “Shangri-La” Andy LaVerne, prolific composer, prominent educator and resourceful recording artist of five decades’ experience, is putting a new quintet together here to interpret his timeless compositions. The liner notes by the composer give us an intriguing insight into the working of a creative mind. “…. if you want to learn more about Andy LaVerne, this is a wonderful material with lyricism, musical intensity and well perceived format.” (O. Mathiesen – JazzSpecial on SCCD 31818 “Genesis”) Andy Laverne piano Alex Sipiagin trumpet, fluegelhorn Jerry Bergonzi tenor saxophone Mike Richmond bass Jason Tiemann drums Recorded October 2018 1 NOTEIFICATION (Andy LaVerne) 6:48 2 GIVE AND TAKE (Andy … Continue reading

Carl Winther & Jerry Bergonzi “Inner Journey” (SCCD 33134)

SCCD 33134 Carl Winther & Jerry Bergonzi “Inner Journey” Shipping June 15, 2017. Pianist/composer Carl Winther dedicates this album to his father, legendary Danish trumpeter/composer/bandleader Jens Winther, whose untimely death February 24, 2011 stunned his fans. Carl Winther himself is an award-winning artist who – while attributes his musical foundation to his famous father – is his own voice to establish himself in the international scene. “ .. If you are into highly modern jazz trio with American roots, this album has a lot to offer.” (Brian Petre – Jazz Special on SCCD 33130 “Deconstructing Mr. X”) CARL WINTHER piano JERRY BERGONZI tenor saxophone JOHNNY ÅMAN bass ANDERS MOGENSEN drums … Continue reading

Dick Oatts, Jerry Bergonzi – Saxology (SCCD 31658)

“Dick Oatts and Jerry Bergonzi have stacked up a formidable total of 67 years of playing experience on the highly competitive New York scene, and that wealth of nous is evident in this rousing collaboration…..” (Mark Gardner – from the linernotes) 1. Cheapo Steaks (Dave Santoro)2. Cranial Bypass (Dave Santoro)3. King Henry (Dick Oatts)4. L. W. (Dave Santoro)5. In Passing (Dick Oatts)6. Mobius (Dave Santoro)7. Flight Of The Dodo (Dave Santoro) UPC/EAN: 716043165827 … Continue reading

Jerry Bergonzi, Andy LaVerne – Intuition (SCCD 31563)

Andy LaVerne’s ongoing duo projects find the pianist this time in the company of his contemporary (Both Bergonzi and LaVerne were born in 1947). Sharing the common taste and experience in music their mutual respect and admiration are evident throughout this album. Saxophonist Jerry Bergonzi is also a renowned educator whose work is vastly appreciated and respected by his numerous students and colleagues. “… There is never any shortage of momentum in these performances which are deftly swinging and never give the slightest impression of being forced or in any sense incomplete …! (Mark Gardner) 1. Intuition (Andy Laverne)2. I Fixed The Blues (Andy Laverne)3. Have You Met Miss Jones? … Continue reading