Ronnie Cuber “Straight Street” (SCCD 31860)

SCCD 31860 Ronnie Cuber “Straight Street” One of the few exponents of that most unrelenting instrument, baritone saxophonist Ronnie Cuber has spent for more than a half century performing, composing, arranging and leading his own groups. His robust, no-nonsense playing has been acknowledged to be one of the greats among jazz instrumentalists. “…Best of all, there’s Cuber himself, whose playing has, incredibly, grown more authoritative with each passing year. His sound, huge and affable, brims with personality, and it’s hard not to be awed by the freshness…” (J. D. Considine – JazzTimes on Ronnie’s Trio SCCD 31848) RONNIE CUBER baritone sax GEORGE COLLIGAN piano CAMERON BROWN bass JOE FARNSWORTH drums … Continue reading

Joe Manis – The Golden Mean (SCCD 33120)

SCCD 33120 Joe Manis “The Golden Mean” Since his Steeplechase debut release of “North By Northwest” SCCD 33102 in September, 2012, Joe Manis has kept this organ trio featuring George Colligan busy performing in and around Oregon where he bases his activities on. Here is their second album which clearly shows the intensity and remarkable rapport of a tightknit working band. “Adding Colligan’s B-3 to his trio provoked an enjoyably incendiary chemical reaction on their 2013 album North by Northwest, with the two soloists inspiring each other to ever more daring flights, mostly in the classic style.”— Willamette Week JOE MANIS tenor saxophone, bass clarinet** GEORGE COLLIGAN Hammond B-3 organ, … Continue reading

George Colligan – Ask Me Tomorrow (SCCD 31783)

SCCD 31783 George Colligan “Ask Me Tomorrow” More than a decade ago critic C. Andrew Hovan cited Colligan “One of New York’s finest”. George Colligan has since evolved into a matured and yet adventurous artist on the world stage. This latest album showcases his new New York trio performing all Colligan originals. “His own intelligent and emotional talents create room for the best to play at their very own best…..With George Colligan at the helm, the horizon is not the limit .” (Travis Rogers – JazzTimes on “The Facts” SCCD 31752) 1. Ask Me Tomorrow (George Colligan)2. Two Notes Four Chords (George Colligan)3. Prague (George Colligan)4. Return To Copenhagen (George … Continue reading

Joe Manis – North by Northwest (SCCD 33107)

SCCD 33107 Joe Manis Trio”North By Northwest” SteepleChase’s new recording artist Joe Manis (saxophone) has originally established himself in Northwest – Oregon, though his active performing career reaches East Coast of USA and European cities as well. Manis’ SteepleChase debut album features pianist/organist George Colligan who currently resides in Portland, Oregon. Manis finds in this organ trio the ideal stage to displays his intense yet sophisticated music. Manis is the recipient of 2013 Oregon Arts Commission Individual Artist Fellowship. 1. Suspect (Joe Manis)2. Pennies From Heaven (Arthur Johnston)3. I Can't Get Started (Vernon Duke)4. Cheek To Cheek (Irving Berlin)5. Final (Joe Manis)6. How High The Moon (Morgan Lewis / Nancy … Continue reading

George Colligan – The Facts (SCCD 31752)

SCCD 31752 George Colligan Quartet “The Facts” 1. Blue State (George Colligan)2. Whadya Looking At? (George Colligan)3. Missing (George Colligan)4. Miriam Edward's New York Accent (George Colligan)5. Pup Pup (George Colligan)6. The Fact (George Colligan)7. Lydian Domination (George Colligan)8. Steppin' Out (Joe Jackson) UPC/EAN: 716043175222 … Continue reading

Jed Levy – Rain (SCCD 31745)

Frequent leader on the label Jed Levy called upon for this new album pianist George Colligan and bassist Ron McClure both of whom were the sidemen of Jed’s remarkable SteepleChase debut “Sleight of Hand” (SCCD 31383). “ Very impressive and about as inventive a departure from the standard tenor-and-rhythm conventions as one can hope for… ” (The Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD – on “Sleight of Hand”) “… saxophonist Jed Levy delivers one of the most enjoyable albums of the year. It's also accessible, straight-ahead music that everyone can enjoy …” (George Kanzler AAJ on “One Night At The Kitano” SCCD —-) 1. Stomp In F Sharp Minor (Jed … Continue reading

George Colligan – Living For The City (SCCD 31727)

Chuck Berg of JazzTimes remarked several years ago, “SteepleChase producer Nils Winther apparently liked what he heard when first checking out George Colligan because he gave the pianist a chance to cultivate his original voice as a vital SteepleChase artist. …..Colligan shows signs of becoming one of the best pianists and composers of his generation.” Colligan indeed became “one of the brightest and most articulate new pianists on today’s scene”. With this 2011 album George begins a new collaboration with the label where he made his debut album “Activism” (SCCD 31382) 15 years ago. 1. It Don't Mean a Thing If It Ain't Got That Swing (Duke Ellington)2. Water Babies … Continue reading

Gregory Tardy – Monuments (SCCD 31725)

Saxophonist/composer Gregory Tardy’s latest album reunites him with pianist George Colligan whom Tardy has collaborated on a number of remarkable recordings. Since his return to the active performing scene a couple of years ago Gregory Tardy is today a full time member of the elite jazz circle. “ He sounds as if he’s physically wresting new possibilities and beauty from an earthbound, rock-encrusted framework. …It’s moments such as these that invoke the combination of faith-infused yearning and hard-won triumph that is at the heart of the best spiritually inspired improvisational music .” (Carlo Wolff of JazzTimes on Strongest Love” SCCD 31698) 1. Dust Groove (Gregory Tardy)2. Monuments (Gregory Tardy)3. The … Continue reading

George Colligan – Isolation (SCCD 31692)

Since his recording debut (1995) in Activism (SCCD 31382), George Colligan has proven to be a leading instrumentalist/composer of the younger generation, whose prolific outputs since received international acclaim from both critics and public. On this new release – third solo album on the label, Mark Gardner remarks, “… this particular release, to my ears, is of greater significance as it reveals the unalloyed core of his music and the man's ultimate self-reliance. “ 1. Song For Sinne (George Colligan)2. Lonely Wind (George Colligan)3. Dead Of Winter (George Colligan)4. Flint Michigan (George Colligan)5. The Wrong Stuff (George Colligan)6. Isolation (George Colligan)7. The Secret Of Andreas' Beard (George Colligan)8. Simple Pleasures … Continue reading

John Tchicai – In Monk's Mood (SCCD 31675)

1. Monk's Mood (Thelonious Monk)2. Coming On The Hudson (Thelonious Monk)3. Light Blue (Thelonious Monk)4. Ugly Beauty (Thelonious Monk)5. Round About Midnight (Thelonious Monk)6. Cool Copy (John Tchicai)7. Easy Street (Jones)8. Ruby My Dear (Thelonious Monk)9. Aks Him Now (John Tchicai)10. Monk's Mood (Thelonious Monk) UPC/EAN: 716043167524 … Continue reading