Andrew Rathbun “Character Study” (SCCD 31862)

SCCD 31862 Andrew Rathbun “Character Study” All About Jazz once stated, “Andrew Rathbun is an artist who takes chances with his recordings. You don’t hear any paint-by-the-numbers jazz discs from him.” This latest release proves again how accurate this statement is. Canadian-born Rathbun has established himself as one of the most compelling voices of American jazz scene today both as performer and as composer. While the composer’s socio-political awareness is manifested in the tune titles, the music which is intellectually emotional speaks louder to our consciousness. “Reedman Andrew Rathbun’s recording dates — dependably rhapsodic, songful, rational — each have plausible logic and worked-out thematic.” (Fred Bouchard – Downbeat on SCCD … Continue reading

Rich Perry – Organique (SCCD 31805)

SCCD 31805 Rich Perry Trio “Organique” As Rich Perry’s previous release SCCD 31776 “Nocturne” deviated the standard quartet configuration by replacing piano with guitar, on this his 22nd album Rich tries something new again: an organ trio. With his two long-time creative partners (Gary Versace at the keyboard and Jeff Hirshfield on drums) Rich Perry opens a new chapter of the art of jazz improvisation. “This is standards-centered jazz of the best sort.” (Derek Taylor- dusted magazine on SCCD 31776 Nocturne) “Rich Perry is that rarest of tenor saxophonists — a complete musician with an understanding of space and timing, a palpable sense of color and humor and absolutely no … Continue reading

Andy LaVerne – I Want To Hold Your Hand (SCCD 31803)

SCCD 31803 Andy LaVerne Trio “Live At The Kitano Vol.3” Andy LaVerne’s unique ensemble of piano/organ/drums wraps up the two-night engagement at New York’s prominent jazz lounge at the Kitano Hotel with this last volume of intriguing original compositions by LaVerne and a handful of appealing standard titles. “In hindsight, it’s surprising that the piano and organ format has been so rarely utilized in jazz because it makes so much sense. The B3 is able to provide a bass line and a unique textural counterpoint that can complement as well as step forward. … it’s Andy’s superb originals that supply the fodder for this most rewarding collection…” (Andrew Hovan – … Continue reading

Andy LaVerne – I Have A Dream (SCCD 31782)

SCCD 31782 Andy LaVerne’s One Of A Kind “I Have A Dream” live at Kitano II Veteran pianist/composer/educator Andy LaVerne has been a stalwart of SteepleChase Label for almost four decades. His latest album here is the sequel to “Live At The Kitano” with his unique piano/organ trio named One Of A Kind , which aptly describes its out-of-the-ordinary nature of the ensemble. C. Andrew Hovan of AAJ commented on the first SteepleChase release of the group Intelligent Design (SCCD 31618) , “ Really one of the most welcomed surprises of the season, Intelligent Design lives up to its name as one of LaVerne’s best efforts thus far and one … Continue reading

Scott Lee – Leaving (SCCD 31687)

Bill Smith of JazzTimes comments on Lee’s previous release “One Thought” (SCCD.) ,” Leader and bassist Scott Lee offers simple yet thought-provoking music on the aptly titled One Thought…. Those who feel that jazz is losing its creative edge should hear this album and other basically mainstream offerings of the last few years .” 1. Taxed (Scott Lee)2. Two Ways (Scott Lee)3. Musing (Scott Lee)4. JGB (Scott Lee)5. Old Friends Talking (Scott Lee)6. Choice (Scott Lee)7. The Connection (Scott Lee)8. Leaving (Scott Lee)9. Drummersome (Scott Lee)10. What's Up (Scott Lee)11. Shamrock (Scott Lee) UPC/EAN: 716043168729 … Continue reading

Dave Scott – Nonchalant (SCCD 31664)

“ The music presented here …. demands attentive listening. ….The shades and textures woven by the Scott Five are neither random nor nonchalant, but carefully coloured and contoured. It is absorbing music that grows on you more with each hearing (Contributor, Jazz Journal International since 1962) On Scott’s earlier album “Song for Amy” (SCCD 31561), Cadence’s Dave Dupont wrote, “… balance between drawing resources from the poat and expressing musical ideas with in-the-moment urgency is what makes me inclined to sing the praises of Scott’s song .” 1. Nonchalant (Dave Scott)2. Afterthoughts (Dave Scott)3. Frenetic Meditation (Dave Scott)4. Ubiquitous Cat (Dave Scott)5. Hanging And Dealing (Dave Scott)6. On A Certain … Continue reading

Andy LaVerne – At The Kitano Vol. 1 (SCCD 31654)

The so-called “unusual” set up of Andy LaVerne’s piano and organ trio formed a several years ago is no longer unusual after its tremendous success with the critics such as JazzTimes’ Thomas Conrad (“ Andy LaVerne on piano and Gary Versace on organ sound absolutely natural and complementary together. ” – on SCCD 31596 All Ways) and Allaboutjazz’s C. Andrew Hovan (“ Really one of the most welcomed surprises of the season, Intelligent Design lives up to its name as one of LaVerne’s best efforts thus far and one of the finest jazz releases of the year. “ – on SCD 31618 Intelligent Design). Andy Laverne this time took his … Continue reading

Dick Oatts – Gratitude (SCCD 31653)

In this long-waited leader album in six years Dick Oatts again reveals himself as an uncompromising and phenomenal jazz musician. In reviewing Oatts’ previous release “South Paw” (SCCD 31511) Owen Cordle of JazzTimes wrote, “ … Longtime lead alto man with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra, Oatts comes from the Paul Desmond-Lee Konitz school of saxophone playing. But a sweet sound and a cerebral approach to improvising comprise only part of his style. There's also a trim muscularity in his tone and lines. And the lines can be quite angular and oblique at times. I don't hear any other alto man playing with all these qualities these days . …” 1. … Continue reading

Eliot Zigmund – Breeze (SCCD 31635)

“… Mr. Zigmund is more than merely well equipped for leadership, as he demonstrades so convincingly on this excellent session …” (Mark Gardner) 1. School Night (Mike Lee)2. Homeland (Gary Versace)3. I Wish I Knew (Harry Warren)4. After (Eliot Zigmund)5. Breeze (Eliot Zigmund)6. From The Bottom Up (Eliot Zigmund)7. For Scott (Phil Palombi)8. Mathew, In Three (Mike Lee)9. Where Are You Now? (Phil Palombi) UPC/EAN: 716043163526 … Continue reading

Gary Versace – Reminiscence (SCCD 31631)

The third leader album of Versace finds him in an outgoing and energetic trio setting with Vic Juris and Adam Nussbaum. On his previous album “Many Places” (SCCD 31589) Matthew Miller of all-about-jazz remarks, “ The truly astonishing aspect of Versace’s talent is the potent mix of virtuosity and musicality he brings in equal measure to each performance. In the hands of a lesser musician the B3 can easily overwhelm any musical setting, but Versace’s ear and infallible sensibility seem to always lead him in the right musical direction.” 1. Hindsight (Cedar Walton)2. For Bill (Gary Versace)3. Thelonious (Thelonious Monk)4. Alone And I (Herbie Hancock)5. For McCoy (Gary Versace)6. Prism … Continue reading