Eugenia Choe “Verdant Dream” (SCCD 33137)

SCCD 33137 Eugenia Choe “Verdant Dream”

Korean-born New York-based pianist/composer Eugenia Choe received quite a few superlative reviews for her 2016 debut album “Magic Light” (SCCD 33127) from international press.

Eugenia’s second album here is an impressive display of her original and intriguing compositions presented superbly by her working trio.

Eugenia Choe rode her personally distinctive currents into this amalgamated music and made a magnificent record.” (James Nadal – AAJ on SCCD 33127 Magic Light)

“Everything’s here: the pianist’s exquisite touch, her compositional acumen infused with an alluring and idiosyncratic intelligence, her soul, sympatico trio mates, adept sequencing, and a cool cover photo and design. This could be the debut of the year.”(Dan McClenaghan – All About Jazz)


Recorded October 10, 2017

1 VERDANT DREAM (Eugenia Choe) 5:35
2 SUNDAY FATIGUE (Eugenia Choe) 5:53
3 ODD BIRDS (Eugenia Choe) 6:10
4 EVER GREEN (Eugenia Choe) 6:51
5 MIDNIGHT MINGLE (Eugenia Choe) 5:32
6 BLUE IN GREEN (Bill Evans) 4:50
7 WHAT (Eugenia Choe) 4:29
8 MILOMONALO (Eugenia Choe) 4:32
9 KNOCK KNOCK (Eugenia Choe) 6:31
10 WIND CATCHER (Eugenia Choe) 4:58

Total Playing Time 50:08

UPC: 716043313723

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