Ulla Miilmann, Tine Rehling – French Music For Flute And Harp (KON 32345)

Denmark’s leading instrumentalists Ulla Miilmann (flute) and Tine Rehling (harp) joined forces to record a superb collection of late romantic and impressionistic works by an alley of foremost composers of France in the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries. Ulla Miilmann and Tine Rehling began their collaboration as duo in 2007. They have since been dazzling wide range of audiences with their pure and elegant interpretation of repertoire with a significant emphasis on French music. 1. Fantasie, op. 124 (Camille Saint-Saëns)2. Habanera (Maurice Ravel)3. Syrinx, op. 129 (Claude Debussy)4. En bateau (Claude Debussy)5. Première arabesque, op. 66 (Claude Debussy)6. Entr’acte (Jacques Ibert)7. Sicilienne, op. 78 (Gabriel Fauré)8. Morceau … Continue reading

Copenhagen Royal Chapel Choir, Ebbe Munk – Lewkovitch: All My Springs 2 (KON 32344)

The fact that Barnhard Lewkovitch turned 85 in May this year defies the real picture of a vital and prolific composer. Upbringing and educational background in Roman Catholic environment gave Lewkovitch a unique insight to the liturgy and its music. Combined with his interest and experiment in contemporary music both his sacred and secular works brought him considerable fame. This album is the squeal of “All My Springs” Kontrapunkt 32283 (1998). COPENHAGEN ROYAL CHAPEL CHOIR founded in 1924 quickly developed into a full-time institution with the boys receiving their general education alongside a full musical and vocal training in SANKT ANNÆ GYMNASIUM, the Copenhagen Municipal Choir School. Since Ebbe Munk … Continue reading

Ulla Miilmann, Søren Johannsen, Kjeld Steffensen – Sonatas For Flute by J. S. Bach (KON 32343)

BWV 1030, 1032, 1034, 1035, 1013 Internationally renowned flutist Ulla Miilmann is the recipient of numerous awards and prizes including the prestigious “Flute-Talk” competition in Chicago and the Gold Medal at the Danish All Music Competition, among others. Flutist Ulla Miilmann was born in 1972 in Denmark. She received her Bachelor of Music at North Carolina School of the Arts in 1992. During her college years, Ms Miilmann was already selected as representative of Denmark in the European Broadcasting Union "Concerts for Young Soloist". Currently she is the principal flutist of the Danish National Radio Symphony Orchestra. Together with the elite instrumentalists of Denmark: Søren Johannsen on harpsichord and Kjeld … Continue reading

TRIO VARSOVIA, Elisabeth Hanke, Hedwig Rummel, Finn Bielenberg Nielsen, Martin Palsmar, Ejvind Frantzen, Anette Slaatto, Nicolai Slaatto, Ingo Schauser, Marie Ziener, Bo Andersen – Andersen: The First Of Days (KON 32342)

Bo Andersen, like his teacher Ib Nørholm seeks to achieve a balanced synthesis of tradition and innovation by adopting an approach which aims at accessibility without any compromise in originality. On his latest CD project Andersen compiles his recent works on the Passion theme, all of which are world premier recordings by international leading soloists and ensembles. 1. Ribbon Of Dreams II – Prelude to a Passion (Bo Andersen)2. The First Of Days – Four Voices Of Passion: Prologue: Paul – The Lowliest One (Bo Andersen)3. The First Of Days – Four Voices Of Passion: The Struggle in Gethsemane (Bo Andersen)4. The First Of Days – Four Voices Of Passion: … Continue reading

Signe Asmussen, Adam Riis, Christian Westergaard – Nørholm: Songs Of Their Times (KON 32341)

Denmark’s leading composer Ib Nørholm is undoubtedly one of the most documented – both in printed music and recorded music – composers of our time. This latest production is a collection of his art songs in the last three decades. “… products of the composer’s search for an accommodation between the modernist and traditionalist approaches – a compositional third way which keeps faith with the noble tradition of Scandinavian art song without any compromising of an individualist approach .” (Geoff Thomason – from the linernotes) 1. Frase – Parafrase Op. 81: Du kan begynde her (Ib Nørholm)2. Frase – Parafrase Op. 81: Sociabiliteten (Ib Nørholm)3. Frase – Parafrase Op. 81: … Continue reading

Michiyo Honma – Nørholm, Andersen, Nordstrøm, Lewkovitch: Contemporary Music For Harpsichord (KON 32340)

Michiyo Honma is one of the leading performers of modern harpsichord on the international scene. She has commissioned several works with the Danish composers during the last few years and has compiled here a collection of world premier recordings. The composers involved in this project unanimously praise Honma’s performance as outstanding. 1. Tempus fugit op.179 (Ib Nørholm)2. Fugitive encounter in the form of a sort of scherzo (Bo Andersen)3. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Adagio (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)4. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Moderato (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)5. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Largo (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)6. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Largo (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)7. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Vivace (Hans-Henrik Nordstrøm)8. Kobberstik (Gravures en taille-douce): Andante (Hans-Henrik … Continue reading

Elena Denisova, Jens E. Christensen, Mikhail Kollontay – Kollontay: Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28, The Blessed Citizens Of The Heavenly Kingdom Op. 29 (KON 32339)

Mikhail Kollontay, prize-winning pianist/composer out of postwar Russia has been on forefront of the intriguing modern Russian contemporary music. His works represent fascinating melting spot of traditional Russian music and radical modern Western music. 1. Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28. The Lamb (Mikhail Kollontay)2. Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28. Korah's Rebellion (Mikhail Kollontay)3. Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28. The Calling Of The Child Samuel (Mikhail Kollontay)4. Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28. "Wherefore Came I Forth Of The Womb" (Mikhail Kollontay)5. Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28. The Walking On The Water (Mikhail Kollontay)6. Six Biblical Sonatas Op. 28. Autumn (Mikhail Kollontay)7. The Blessed Citizens Of The Heavenly Kingdom Op. 29. The … Continue reading

Poul Elming, Tove Lønskov – Schumann, Grieg, Delius, Gade, Nielsen: Poul Elming Sings Hans Christian Andersen (KON 32338)

1. Märzveilchen Op. 40. No. 1 (Robert Schumann)2. Muttertraum Op. 40. Nr. 2 (Robert Schumann)3. Der Soldat Op. 40. Nr. 3 (Robert Schumann)4. Der Musikant Op. 40. Nr. 4 (Robert Schumann)5. Weihnachtlied Op. 79. Nr. 17 (Robert Schumann)6. To brune Øjne Op. 5. Nr. 1 (Edvard Grieg)7. Du fatter ej Bølgernes evige Gang Op. 5. Nr. 2 (Edvard Grieg)8. Jeg elsker dig Op. 5. Nr. 3 (Edvard Grieg)9. Min Tanke er et mægtigt Fjeld Op. 5. Nr. 4 (Edvard Grieg)10. Kierlighed Op. 15. Nr. 2 (Edvard Grieg)11. Langelandsk Folkemelodi Op. 15. Nr. 3 (Edvard Grieg)12. Vandring i Skoven Op. 18. Nr. 1 (Edvard Grieg)13. Hun er saa hvid Op. 18. … Continue reading

Hans Andersen – Nørholm: Piano Works 1955 – 2005 (KON 32336/37)

Denmark’s leading composer Ib Nørholm started his musical education at the age of nine with piano lessons and began to study organ at 15. It is with keyboard instruments that Nørholm developed and matured both as composer and performing artist (Nørholm received diploma as organist and has been the appointed organist at Copenhagen’s XXXX church for a number of years.) This 2-CD set of superbly performed piano works traces Nørholm’s footsteps in the past 50 years and illustrates the exceptional career of a great contemporary composer. 1. A Discourse In Time Op. 84 (Ib Nørholm)1. Suite for Klaver: I Allegro sciolto e moderato (Ib Nørholm)2. Suite for Klaver: II Melodia. … Continue reading

Søren Elbæk, Morten Mogensen – Kreisler, Massenet, Schubert etc: Classical Violin Pearls (KON 32335)

32335 Classical Violin Pearls: Søren Elbæk To close the 2004 Kontrapunkt releases Denmark’s leading violinist Søren Elbæk joined by Morten Mogensen on piano presents the “ultimate violin recital”. From the Heifetz arrangement of Manuel Ponce’s “Estrellita” to Massenet’s “Thaïs – méditation” the CD is packed with the famous melodies brilliantly performed. 1. Estrellita (Juan Ponce)2. Liebeslied (Fritz Kreisler)3. La Gitana (Fritz Kreisler)4. Thaïs (Jules Massenet)5. Romance 1 (Egil Harder)6. Romance 2 (Egil Harder)7. Nigun (Ernest Bloch)8. Tonerna (Carl Sjöberg)9. Nocturne (Frédéric Chopin)10. Cantabile (Niccolò Paganini)11. Ave Maria (Franz Schubert)12. Mélodie (Jules Massenet)13. Praeludium and allegro (Fritz Kreisler) UPC/EAN: 716043233526 … Continue reading