Burak Bedikyan “New Beginning” (SCCD 31861)

SCCD 31861 Burak Bedikyan “New Beginning”

Since his CD debut “Circle Of Life“(SCCD 33109) in 2013 followed by two more albums on SteepleChase LookOut label, Turkish/Armenian pianist-composer Bedikyan has been highly acclaimed by the international critics and public alike. New Beginning marks his recent relocation from Istanbul to New York where he feels blessed to be a part of the big jazz scene.

For improvisational music fans there is very little here not to like, flawless. An elegant yet diverse exploration of melodic possibilities. Burak Bedikyan is one of the finest artists on the horizon.”

(Brent Black – criticaljazz.com on 33119 Leap of Faith)


Recorded December 2017

NO COMPLAINTS (Burak Bedikyan) 3:53
2 SURYA (Burak Bedikyan) 9:20
3 INTERLUDE (Burak Bedikyan) 1:12
4 EPILOGUE (Burak Bedikyan) 3:51
5 AYÇA (Burak Bedikyan) 8:50
6 PRELUDE (Burak Bedikyan) 1:36
7 RUE Dauphin (Burak Bedikyan) 9:05
8 LEO (Burak Bedikyan) 2:51
9 BLUES ME UP (Burak Bedikyan) 5:06
10 THINGS WE ARE (Burak Bedikyan) 9:41
11 STELLA BY STARLIGHT (Victor Young) 7:56
12 MAGIC CARPET (Burak Bedikyan) 5:55

Total Playing Time 69:13

UPC: 716043186129

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